Hiker Meat

Rough-Cut-Still-4-Artist-Jamie-Shovlin-1060x655Hiker Meat is an exhibition running at Cornerhouse until Monday 21st April 2014. Hiker Meat itself is a 1970s horror film from director Jesus Rinzoli. Or is it? Well no, is the answer.

Hiker Meat isn’t an actual film that exists, it’s an exhibition about a film that exists only as a concept. Jamie Shovlin wanted to “re-make a film that had never existed” and collaborated with writer Mike Harte and composer Euan Rodger to produce a full screenplay and soundtrack for the film. He then cut together over 1500 found clips from existing exploitation films.

He went out with a crew and shot a trailer and recreated some of the key scenes, which you can see at the exhibition along with props, costumes and photography.

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