Q&A with Darren Nicoll

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Next in the Q&A series is Darren Nicoll, the founder of Nelly Globe, a charity dedicated to aiding victims of trauma¬†via various creative projects. Funds are raised for the charity by various events, including art auctions in order to “promote positive life change.”

What led you personally to set up Nelly Globe?

Nelly Globe was initially part of my own recovery from cancer. It was a way of re-establishing my own identity. I didn’t want to be known as the bloke who had cancer, but someone who set up Nelly Globe and did their bit to help others.

What does Nelly Globe mean to you?

Nelly Globe means life, love, passion, optimism, community and obviously creativity. The name is a tribute to my wife Helen who helped maintained a level of normality for our kids when I was ill. She is an inspiration and one of the strongest people I know. So I guess roughly translated Nelly Globe means ‘Helen is my world’.

What are you aims for the future of Nelly Globe?

The main aims for Nelly Globe is to maintain its integrity. We want to continue to work in collaboration with other organisations and charities to deliver our creative journal project and develop new and exciting creative projects with the main goal being to help people to process and understand their journeys.

Personally I found it difficult when I had recovered from cancer and I struggled with the meaning of it all. I found keeping a journal helped me to come to terms with my experience and I hope that the projects we are currently doing or planning help people to not only cope with their experience but to have some fun. The Nelly Globe art auction was a national event this year with art auctions in manchester, London, Birmingham and Leeds. We would like to take this globally and work with artists all over the world to make a fundamental difference to victims of trauma.

We are also starting to evaluate our projects which hopefully will strengthen the evidence that fun and creativity are both helpful coping tools for getting through life. 

How do ambassadors help you?

The role of the ambassadors is essentially to share the vision of Nelly Globe and promote our events. We have grown through word of mouth and knowing that people support us and are behind what we are doing is amazing.

What developments or events do you have coming up?

Currently we have an auction of artwork at outlaws club in Leeds on Saturday the 8th march. Then we have an event called ‘spring daze’ in Manchester bar the Whiskey Jar on 19th April which will involve local dj’s playing amazing tunes.

We are also currently have a few creative journal projects going on and are collaborating with cancer charity Callplus and the Stroke Association, plus journal projects planned with mental health charity ARC and a manchester based youth project.

We have some very exciting projects in planning involving ex-military personnel and asylum seekers.

All funds we raise go directly to implementing these projects. We also want to showcase up and coming artists by holding exhibitions and selling their work on our website.

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